2015 Graduate Student Contest for Food Systems Reporting

Announcement of Winners: The Berkeley Food Institute is very pleased to announce the winners of its first Food Reporting Contest, which was open to all graduate students at UC Berkeley:

  • Mark Andrew Boyer, second-year student in the Graduate School of Journalism, for his video titled “Feeding Nunavut.”
  • Jennifer Chaussee, second-year student in the Graduate School of Journalism, for her article titled “Selling Ice Cream in the Amazon: How junk food marketing in Brazil led to a simpler understanding of what it means to eat right.”

Congratulations to these two winners! Each winner will receive a cash prize of $1000.

Purpose: The Berkeley Food Institute (BFI) announces a competition to recognize and reward students who produce high-quality journalism about critical issues in food and agriculture systems. The program is sponsored by BFI, in collaboration with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Deadline: March 30, 2015, midnight PST

Criteria for Selection:

  • Each submission should be a high-quality piece of journalism, in any medium, on any topic relevant to food systems.
  • The topic should be related broadly to healthy, resilient, diverse, just and sustainable food and agriculture systems. See BFI’s core concerns here: http://food.berkeley.edu
  • Priority will be given to topics that are provocative and compelling.
  • Topics can be related to research being undertaken by people at UC Berkeley, but this is not a requirement.
  • Audience for the articles should be the general public, including students, educators, policy-makers, and anyone interested in food systems issues.
  • Submission can be a print article no longer than 3,000 words (strong short form pieces welcome), a video under 10 minutes, or audio reporting under 10 minutes.
  • Submissions cannot be previously published works; however, we accept entries that are shortened, edited, or reformatted versions of articles, videos, or audio reports that were published previously, provided that such a submissions do not violate any existing contracts or restrictions.
  • This award program is not intended for policy briefs, qualitative research reports, term papers, or journal-type commentaries.

Award Amount and Other Information: BFI plans to select up to five winners, depending on the quality of the submitted work. Each winner will receive $1000. If two students collaborate on a project and win, the award will be split between them. The award-winning submissions will be posted on BFI’s website, and will be announced through BFI’s email listserve and social media at UC Berkeley and beyond. However, authors will retain rights to the winning submissions and will be allowed time to publish the work elsewhere before the pieces are posted on the BFI website.

The judges for this award include UC Graduate School of Journalism faculty members Michael Pollan, David Tuller, and Edwin Dobb; Marion Nestle, Visiting Scholar and Professor at New York University; and Naomi Starkman, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Civil Eats.

Eligibility: Any matriculated graduate student at UC Berkeley

Instructions and Timing: Deadline: March 30, 2015, midnight PST

  • Send submissions as attachments to Foodinstitute@berkeley.edu, with “Food Reporting Award Program” in the subject line. If the submission is more than 25 MB, please use another method such as Box or Drop Box.
  • The submissions should be accompanied by a brief separate summary of the methods, references, and/or people interviewed to write or create the piece. This summary should be no more than 250 words. In the case of written submissions, we encourage the inclusion of hyperlinks within the story, if relevant.
  • The results of the contest will be announced in late April, 2015