Vegetable Medley. Photo by Frey Gardens.

BFI Annual Reports

From fighting falsehoods and COVID-19’s impact on food workers, to groundbreaking research and developing the next generation of food systems leaders, we are pleased to share our recent work with you in BFI’s Impact Report.

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“Berkeley Food Institute is playing an important role in advocating for justice and progress within our vast food industry, from more equitable wages to a more sustainable food supply chain.”

– Dana Slatkin

BFI Supporter, Cal alum and parent, owner of Violet Los Angeles

BFI co-organized a symposium and Capitol Hill briefing to share research on the US Farm Bill.


decline in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption (SSBs) by 2019 due to the passing of the Soda Tax in Berkeley, BFI faculty and researchers discovered.


increase in drinking water by Berkeley Residents since the soda tax was passed.


students have graduated with the undergraduate Food Systems Minor since its launch in 2015.

UC Berkeley placed top 10 of Top Colleges Doing the
Most for Low-Income
Students, by
The New York Times

A BFI seminar led to the 2020 publishing of Bite Back: People Taking on Corporate Food and Winning - a book dissecting corporate power in our food systems.