Student Fellows

BFI supports student fellows across disciplines to research pressing policy issues and undertake community engagement projects. BFI also convenes the UC Global Food Initiative Student Fellows. Any open calls for student fellowships are listed here.

BFI Student Advisory Councils

A volunteer Undergraduate Council and Graduate Council help inform the Berkeley Food Institute’s work by giving vital guidance on our student-related programs and support. The chair of each advisory council serves on the BFI Executive Committee. As a Berkeley student, we invite you to join a council! Please contact the current chairs.

Graduate Council Members:

  • Micah Elias, Strategic Planning Manager
  • Erin Esaryk, Project Specialist
  • Jessica Heiges, Meeting Manager
  • Fiona McBride, Graduate Student Liaison
  • Matt McGee, Project Specialist
  • Mindy Price, BFI Executive Council Representative
  • Pang Sittakaradej, Projects Manager

Undergraduate Council Members:

  • Prachi Jha, BFI Executive Council Representative

Student Fellows

Isa Gaillard, Land Use Working Group Coordinator

Master’s Student, City Planning. A first-year graduate student in the College of Environmental Design, Isa is concentrating in Environmental Planning and Healthy Cities. Prior to moving to Berkeley, Isa studied public policy at the University of Michigan and worked with Native American communities across the state, developing an interest in indigenous perspectives and practices in relation to sustainability. Upon moving to the Bay Area, Isa completed a one-year environmental justice fellowship at the Center for Environmental Health based out of Oakland. He then worked on regional transportation issues and safe routes to schools programs at TransForm, a transportation planning and land-use management non-profit. Isa is passionate about addressing the fact that pollution, climate change, and urbanization disproportionately harm certain communities. He sees cities as living and breathing ecosystems, where there are infinite opportunities to strengthen the connections between the seemingly disparate elements that make up our neighborhoods. In his free time, Isa enjoys playing soccer and basketball, meditating, and cooking.


Prachi Jha, UC Global Food Initiative Undergraduate Fellow

Undergraduate Student, Molecular Environmental Biology. Prachi is a fourth-year undergraduate student born and raised in California. An environmentalist from a young age, she only recently realized she could use her biology degree for a career focusing on environmental and human health. Food systems lie at the intersection of human and environmental health, her two big passions. Prachi is very excited to start her role as the Berkeley Food Institute’s Undergraduate Fellow and help contribute to more just and sustainable food systems in her community. Aside from her role within BFI, she is also part of several other clubs ranging from sports to public service. Two of her favorite organizations at Cal (other than BFI, of course) include Cal Dragonboat and Suitcase Clinic.

Joyce Lee, Campus Food Equity and Inclusion Policy Fellow

Master’s Student, Public Health in Public Health Nutrition. Joyce Minghui Lee is a third-year graduate student and first-generation student from Los Angeles, CA. Her research and professional interests apply the social determinants of health framework to understanding and improving food access equity. In Summer 2018, she worked with the Nutrition Policy Institute to evaluate the impact of California’s Market Match, a financial incentive program at farmer’s markets that aims to increase access to healthy food to SNAP recipients. Joyce also sits as an active Board member to several campus organizations that focus on professional development, identity, and/or community building, including the Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership, Asian & Pacific Islander’s Women Circle, and Public Health Alumni Association.

Lindsey Pfeiffer, UC Global Food Initiative Communications Fellow

Undergraduate Student, Environmental Economics and Policy. Lindsey Pfeiffer is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about the intersection of sustainability and food systems and how to effectively communicate progress and innovation within them, and is excited to share the mission of BFI throughout the surrounding communities. Her interest in sustainability led to her role as the External Vice President for the Association for Socially Responsible Business, an on-campus organization promoting sustainable and equitable business practices. She also serves as the Communications Assistant for the College of Natural Resources, where she promotes advancements and opportunities within the academic environmental community in Berkeley. In her free time, she enjoys baking vegan desserts, hiking throughout the Bay Area, running all around the Bay Area, and practicing her photography.

Mindy Price, UC Global Food Initiative Graduate Fellow

PhD Student, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. Mindy is a rural sociologist studying agrarian change in northern Canada with a specific focus on indigenous food sovereignty and sustainable subarctic/arctic agriculture. Her doctoral research is based on on-going ethnographic fieldwork and archival research conducted in the Northwest Territories. Her previous work considered women’s empowerment and nutrition in livestock systems in East Africa, and she has also studied local food systems in the southeastern US. Mindy is excited to join BFI as a fellow to support the Food Systems Certificate and contribute to the campus food and beverage choices policy work.

Coleman Rainey, Land Use Working Group Coordinator

PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering. Cole is a graduate student studying agroecology, soil ecology, and urban agricultural systems in the lab of Tim Bowles. He fell in love with the lands that surround Berkeley’s campus while plunging his hands into the alluvial muck and planting lettuce at the Gill Tract. He loves singing, soil chemistry, crystals, vegetables, and believes in the reciprocal power of healing on and with the land. He is excited to be organizing the Land Use Working Group as an instrument for student empowerment, equity, wellness, and experiential learning on Berkeley’s campus.

Kevin Tuok, Student Assistant

Undergraduate Student, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Kevin Tuok is a second-year undergraduate student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His interest in food systems stems from an early love of food and the environment. As a biology major, he is passionate about sustainability and promoting the health of those around him. He’s excited to be working at BFI, and hopes his work to promote sustainable food systems and equitable access to healthy foods will positively impact our community. He plans to pursue a career in research and public health. Outside of BFI, you can find Kevin watching too much Netflix, hiking, cooking, or volunteering at the animal shelter.