Claire Kremen and Gordon Frankie Featured in Mercury News and Snopes

BFI Co-faculty Director Claire Kremen and BFI affiliated faculty Gordon Frankie were featured in this Mercury News article on the decline in bee populations, which is exacerbated by climate change, exposure to neonicotinoid pesticides, and decreasing plant diversity, especially that of native plants. In response to these threats to bees, General Mills Inc. has provided more than one billion wildflower seeds across the country. Claire and Gordon commented on General Mills’ donation in this Snopes article, supporting the idea of wildflower planting to benefit pollinators. However, Claire urges that, “Wildflower plantings in natural reserves and natural areas should be done by professionals that are following a well-established restoration plan,” and cautions against the use of pesticides for growing wildflowers in home gardens. Congratulations, Claire and Gordon, and thank you for your influential work to protect pollinators.