On-Campus Microwaves

Alleviates food insecurity and develops more economical food habits
Faster than buying and ordering food on or off-campus
Bringing your own food makes it easier to manage your diet

Have you used campus microwaves before?

Would you use them if they were more accessible?

16 total microwaves

Microwaves tend to be centered near Southside and Sather Lane, with several in Golden Bear Cafe and around MLK. A few can also be found in Soda Hall on North Campus.

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On-Campus Refill Stations

Some stations filter tap water, such as the refill and dispenser type
No need to refill at home or buy water elsewhere
Encourages reusable water bottles rather than disposable plastic ones

Several types of refill stations are found on campus, including:

Bottle Filler
Water Fountain

Out of the 98 total refill stations, what is the frequency of each type?

98 total refill stations

Refill stations are spread across campus with concentrations in Northeast regions while a shortage in Southwest campus.

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