Foodscape Map: Campus Food Players

The interactive Campus Food Players diagram below shows Berkeley’s “foodscape” of academic units, student leadership groups, service units, and physical facilities, organized by formal reporting structure, allowing you to see at a glance how decisions and funding travel through the system. While many entities—including the Berkeley Food Institute itself—have shared governance structures, we have mapped according to immediate administrative lines of reporting. Click the gold buttons on the side of a node to expand to the next level, and the gray buttons to collapse them again.

All names link to official websites; faculty affiliate and food course totals link to the respective Berkeley Food Institute lists for more information. UC Berkeley has many close food-related collaborations across the UC system not visualized here, including through the UC Global Food Initiative, the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Nutrition Policy Institute.

Data collection by Angelina Amezcua, Nadia Barhoum, Rosalie Zdzienicka Fanshel, Melina Packer, Will Payne, Dennis Uyat, and Kara Young. Final visualization by Will Payne.

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