Future Maps

There are so many places and relations we have yet to map, and many of the maps and visuals presented here still have much data to be added. See some things missing from this list of future map ideas? Please let us know!

  • Campus Eateries Purchasing and Consumption Data
  • Campus Food Waste
  • Community Procurement
  • Comparative Salaries of Food-related Fields to UC Berkeley at Large
  • Cultural Relevance and Representation of Campus Food
  • Feeding the Larger Community
  • Food at Fraternities and Sororities
  • Food Courses National Comparison
  • Food Service Work on Campus: Staff and Student Union Activism
  • Food Studies Demographics
  • Food-related Career Paths
  • Food-related Research Staff
  • Private-Public Partnerships
  • Student Activism Timeline
  • Student Fees: Funding Food-related Activities
  • Student Funding Packages in Food Studies
  • UC Berkeley Extension Stories
  • UC-Karuk Collaborative
  • University Health Services: Supporting Healthy Eating Habits
  • Wild Foods on Campus
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