Geographic Asset Map

Spring 2020: Coming Soon! Fully updated web data together with a location-enabled mobile app. Stay tuned for May release.

This interactive Geographic Asset Map shows the locations of the most important food-related services and facilities at UC Berkeley, from crucial Basic Needs Services like the UC Berkeley Food Pantry, to campus gardens, eateries, and self-service facilities (water refill stations, microwaves, and lactation rooms) inside campus buildings.

Click on the checkbox next to each layer to turn it on and off. Hover to see the name of each map feature, and click to see more information in a pop-up window. Use the search window to find a feature and zoom to it. Buttons on the top-right of the map window zoom in and outexpand to fullscreen, show all features and return home to central campus, and toggle all layers on or off. Note that an icon’s location doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact position of a facility within a building, especially for buildings with multiple markers.


UC Berkeley Foodscape Map - Berkeley Food Institute


Data collection by Emily Altman, Jenica Bautista, Youree Choi, Isabella Chow, KC Chung, Kim Guess, Stephanie Moore, Nathalie Munoz, Melina Packer, Will Payne, Anna Perhach, Meg Prier, Hortencia Rodríguez, Natalia Semeraro, Margaret Shi, Hannah Tong, Noreen Truong, Janet Xu, and Lucy Yu.
Visualization by Will Payne using Leaflet. Map icons by Shalandy Zhang. Map tiles by OpenStreetMap and MapBox Studio.