All the Players

The “All the Players’ map aims to show the power structure of the university through the lens of food and agriculture, from upper level administration to student groups on campus. Each bubble represents a different type of campus entity, such as teaching departments, research institutions, student services, etc.

Click on the bubbles to view more details about a given aspect of the map. Pan around to see how university structures are connected. Only names in the same hierarchical level are displayed at any time. Click an empty area of the bubble to view all the names of its immediate sub-bubbles, or click on a sub-bubble to view it directly.


Data collection by Angelina Amezcua and Dennis Uyat
Visualization by Dennis Uyat
Development and animation by Jeremy Ho

B Engaged!

Berkeley Food Institute
University of California, Berkeley
23 Giannini Hall #3100
Berkeley, California, 94720-3100


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