Food Course Snapshot

The Food Course Snapshot offers an in-depth glimpse of the food courses offered in different eras of Berkeley’s history, at approximately 30-year intervals, as data was available: 1870-71, 1898-99, 1931-32, 1963-64, 1997-99,* and 2016-17. During this time, departments and courses had changed names, been consolidated, disappeared, or simply did not exist until certain events led to their creation. For example, in 1931-32 we see departments of Hygiene and Household Science, later to merge into Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology. In the 1930s there were also departments of Irrigation, Pomology, and Poultry Husbandry, to disappear from the UC Berkeley catalogue all together. In the 1990s a number of departments associated with traditional agricultural colleges merged to form Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management.

This data was gathered by manually reading the description of each course in the catalogue archives and thus interpreting whether a given course had “food content.” In the future, the Berkeley Food Institute hopes to examine the course catalogue archives year-by-year to have a complete record of food courses from Berkeley’s inception to the present. 

See a detailed spreadsheet of the specific courses here. 

*Note that in 1997-99 the course catalogue displayed two years together; therefore data may be skewed in comparison to single-year snapshots. 


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