UGBA 192T 006

Improving Our Food System Through Organic & Values-Based Supply Chains — Fall 2024

BFI is sponsoring a new course for the Fall 2024 semester through the Hass School of Business, entitled “Improving Our Food System Through Values-Based Supply Chains.” Taught by Professors William Rosenzweig & Helene York, this new undergrad course will delve into the ongoing challenges within our food supply chain, including the way that current infrastructure has fueled excess GHG emissions, chronic diet-related diseases, biodiversity loss, declining soil health, and inhumane practices for laborers and animals. After an overview of the current food system, Rosenzweig and York will lead students through dynamic case studies of supply chain innovations and showcase the many career pathways that students can take to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable food system. The second part of the class will also feature guest speakers who will share their unique and diverse, personal and professional insights in the food system.

This course will qualify for the food systems minor.