Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture allows community residents to produce fresh, healthy food while offering green space, ecological benefits, and tangible health improvements to the entire community. BFI supports community engagement, research, education, and policy projects focused on urban food production and distribution of the resulting produce to underserved urban communities.

Sustainable Urban Farming for Resilience and Food Security

This integrated research and outreach project aims to foster innovative, sustainable urban farming methods to both improve ecological resilience and meet urgent food needs.

Fostering Food Security, Biocultural Diversity, and Health

Researchers surveyed the diversity of cultural food plants that are being grown in East Bay community gardens and created an interactive, participatory visual tool (GIS map) for communities to promote seed and plant sharing.

An Agroecological Survey of Urban Farms

This project was carried out in 21 farms and gardens in the East Bay to determine the main agronomic problems limiting production, and to help inform future outreach and training to increase production on these urban farms.

UC Berkeley Campus Gardens

Our campus gardens and farms offer expansive experiential educational and engagement opportunities to campus members and the community to engage in hands-on educational opportunities.

Policy Brief: Urban Farms

This brief provides justification for policymakers to adopt strategic policy changes to achieve urban farming goals in disadvantaged communities.