Food and Beverages at UC Berkeley

65,000 people eat and drink at UC Berkeley every day. Our food and beverage choices matter. UC Berkeley’s longtime leadership in values-based procurement has us now looking more closely at the presence of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) on campus.

Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages

The Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages was formed to bring more stakeholders into campus decision-making on food and beverage choices, uplift Berkeley values through procurement practices, and raise awareness of human and planetary health in the process.

Beverage Logo Advertising and Product Mix Availability on the UC Berkeley Campus

In 2019, the Berkeley Food Institute undertook a project to investigate the beverage landscape at the UC Berkeley locations that are affected by the PepsiCo contract. This report summarizes the research findings and proposes next steps to improve the health of our campus environment.

Blog: Shaking Up UC Berkeley's Beverage Service

The Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages Case Design course sought to evaluate UC Berkeley's beverage landscape through the lens of environmental sustainability, health and health equity, and corporate responsibility.