Everyone is on their own journey in terms of understanding racial inequality. The strength of BFI’s anti-racism work, therefore, cannot depend upon the individual understandings of its members. Instead, it requires rethinking organizational culture through codifying racial justice language, theory, and practice into all BFI documents, policies, procedures, strategic planning, and racial justice on-boarding for members and allies. This will benefit all members of the organization and also give a point-of-reference to return to if needed.

1. Staff Training: Acting on the recommendations of community advisory meetings and an expert consultant hired in 2020, we have launched an internal staff training program on racial equity. This program will begin with a common understanding of terms and a top-to-bottom review of our programs to evaluate their efficacy in reversing the structural conditions of racial inequality as expressed in our food system.

2. Governance: We prioritize diversity within our governing and advisory bodies, including but not limited to racial, ethnic, gender, dis/ability, country of origin, and sectoral diversity. We are working to better incorporate racial equity into our governance framework and continuing to increase diverse representation on our Executive Committee, Advisory Council, student leadership groups, and donor circles.