Comments and Letters

Food and Agriculture Policy Recommendations for Senator Harris

In September, the Berkeley Food Institute submitted a set of food and agriculture policy recommendations to the candidates running for California’s open U.S. Senate seat. This platform encourages the incoming Senator to:

  • Support Speciality Crop Growers, Large and Small
  • Drive Sustainable and Profitable food Systems through 21 st Century Procurement
  • Fully Implement the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act
  • Support Technology Improvements and Fresh Food Access for SNAP, WIC, and Other Nutrition Assistance Programs
  • Assert Agriculture’s Leadership Role in Combatting Climate Change
  • Expand Organic Acreage
  • Prioritize California Universities for Agriculture and Nutrition Research
  • Increase Incentives and Support for Farmers and Ranchers in the Margins
  • Lead Congressional Colleagues in Equitable Immigration Reform

Download (PDF, 636KB)

Comments on the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The USDA/HHS committee to review the Scientific Report accepted comments through May 8, 2015. As the committee states, “the Dietary Guidelines forms the basis of federal nutrition policy, education, outreach, and food assistance programs used by consumers, industry, nutrition educators, and health professionals. All federal dietary guidance for the public is required to be consistent with the Dietary Guidelines.” For these reasons, it is a tremendously important document. We encourage everyone to review the comments that were posted here. The Berkeley Food Institute’s comment can be viewed here.