Dietary Associations of Household Food Insecurity Among Children of Mexican Descent: Results of a Binational Study


Brenda Eskanazi, et al, Lia Fernald, Sylvia Guendelman


binational, carbohydrates, childhood health, food insecurity, Mexico, nutrition, Oportunidades, United States of America, WIC


Journal American Dietary Association

Year Published:


Policy Summary

Using data from a 2006 study of 5-year old children of Mexican descent living in migrant communities in California and Mexico, this cross-sectional study aimed to understand the level of perceived food insecurity and its association with dietary intake among children of Mexican descent. The study found that children experiencing food insecurity in the United States consumed more fat, saturated fat, sweets, and fried snacks than children not experiencing food insecurity. In contrast, food insecurity among children in Mexico was associated with lower intake of total carbohydrates, dairy, and vitamin B-6. Findings from this study have implications for potential improvements to programs and policies addressing food insecurity such as the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program in the U.S. and PROSPERA in Mexico.

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