Disparities in peaks, plateaus, and declines in prevalence of high BMI among adolescents


Ashley Weedn, Kristine Madsen, Patricia Crawford


African American girls, American Indians, BMI, California, disparities, minority health, obesity, public health, public policy, severe obesity



Year Published:


Policy Summary

This study investigates trends in prevalence of high BMI from 2001 to 2008 and examines race-ethnic disparities. Based on statewide CA data, prevalence of high BMI is declining for some groups but not for American Indian and African American girls. These trends portend greater disparities over time, particularly in severe obesity. Interventions and policies tailored to the highest risk group should be pursued. Clinicians’ voices supporting policy approaches that focus on preventing and reducing prevalence of high BMI among these groups will be critical in reversing childhood obesity.

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