Genetically Engineered Plants and Foods: A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part II)


Peggy Lemaux


benefits, biotechnology, crops, economics, environment, genetically engineered food, risk


Annual Reviews of Plant Biology

Year Published:


Policy Summary

This detailed review article provides a thorough explanation, with scientific backing, of the food, environmental, and socioeconomic issues associated with genetically engineered foods. The review states that the genetically engineered (GE) crops that are available today are at least as safe as those crops produced by conventional methods. Additionally, case by case evaluations of the environmental safety of GE crops and the tranfer of genes from GE crops to conventional crops must be performed. Scientific, peer reviewed articles should be considered when deeming a GE crop safe for consumption. Seed saving and preservation of wild varieties of seeds needs to be increased. Currently, enough food is produced to feed the existing worldwide population, there are major food distribution and access problems in getting the food to the poorest people. In the future, increased funding for independent environmental risk assessments and a safety analysis of GE crops need to be priorities.

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