Investing in California’s African American Students: College Choice, Diversity & Exclusion


Eddie Comeaux, Eligio Martinez, Frances Contreras, Gloria Rodriguez, Malo André Hutson, Thandeka Chapman


African American students, college choice, diversity, exculsion, higher education, inclusion, University of California


UC Office of the President

Year Published:


Policy Summary

A team of UC researchers from four campuses examined the acceptance levels of African American undergraduate prospective UC students during the fall of 2015. Despite the high GPAs, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, and community recognition of many prospective African American students, few were accepted to the the highly and moderately selective UC campuses. Interviewing and surveying these applicants found that they felt unappreciated by UC and thus sought higher education outside the UC system. Access, diversity and climate, affordability, outreach, and the high school context were five important themes discerned from the report. 18 total recommendations are provided that cover the following categories: admissions process, outreach, school context, affordability, building an infastructure for African American leadership within the UC System.

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