Investing in the transition to sustainable agriculture


Albie Miles, Liz Carlisle, Marcia DeLonge


agricultural research, agriculture policy, agroecology, and economic (REE), diversified farming systems, ecosystem services, extension, Research, research grants, sustainable agriculture, sustainable agriculture funding, USDA


Environmental Science & Policy

Year Published:


Policy Summary

The authors conducted an analysis of the USDA’s Research, Extension, and Economic (REE) branch to determine what topics were awarded research funding in 2014. Specially, the authors were investigating to what extent sustainable agriculture (and agroecological) methods were researched. Four main categories were established and coded as research containing sustainable agriculture components. Of the $294 million dollars analyzed, only 8-9% of projects provided community or business support, 0.6-1.5% had a systems based agroecological emphasis, and less than 1% had a policy component. The article highlights the need more analysis and documentation of what research areas are funded through government programs.

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