Revised WIC Food Package Improves Diets of WIC Families


Judy Gomez, Lorrene Ritchie, Phil Spector, Shannon Whaley


behavior change, dietary intake, domestic, food policy, fruit, low-income, lower-fat milk, vegetables, whole grains, WIC, women


Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Year Published:


Policy Summary

The authors researched the impact of food package changes on California Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program participanting mothers and children to determine if there were any changes in their consumption of fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain foods, and lower-fat milk. The surveys found the most significant changes in food consumption for whole-grain food (increased 17.3%) and lower-fat milk (19.7% decrease in children’s whole milk consumption). Changes in fruit and vegetable intakes were difficult to measure and provided inconclusive results. The changes to the WIC food package and resulting increases in whole-grain consumption and decreases in high-fat milk consumption need to be recognized in future WIC policy decisions.

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