School-Level Factors Associated With Increased Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Students in California Middle and High Schools


Wendi Gosliner


adolescent health, California, child nutrition, fruits, Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL), National School Lunch Program, school meals, vegetables


Journal of School Health

Year Published:


Policy Summary

Study examined factors associated with the school food environment and whether middle and high school students consumed more fruits and vegetables when they had a longer lunch period or when they were offered fruits and vegetables of higher quality and in more variety. Gosliner found that length of lunch period (>34 minutes) was significantly associated increased fruit and vegetable consumption while higher quality and variety lead to increased fruit and vegetable consumption as well. Additionally, food service engagement with students was found to be statistically signifigant and associated with increased student consumption of vegetables. This was a cross-sectional study with a small sample size, so further research on these variables is needed.

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