Solutions That Stick: Activating Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in a Graduate-Level Public Health Innovations Course at the University of California, Berkeley


Jaspal Sandhu, Kristine Madsen


cross-disciplinary, design, design thinking, diversity, food systems, graduate course development, human centered design, innovation, innovative pedagogy


America Journal of Public Health

Year Published:


Policy Summary

Developed a new, cross-disciplinary graduate level course in the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health to address the need for sustainable implementation of innovative solutions for public health issues. The article provides an overview of the first 4 years of the development of the course. Eat.Think.Design. is rooted in human centered design that leads to novel, cost-effective, implementable, and sustainable solutions to food systems issues. The article emphasizes the unique pedagogy of the course and uses student evaluations as evidence for the importance and success of the course.

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