Video: The Big Picture: Strengthen Unions


Robert Reich


bargaining power, fair labor, unions, works rights

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Policy Summary

Strengthen Unions video: The importance of passing a federal law to mandate the removal of “right to work” laws is emphasized if we are going to strengthen our middle class in America. Unions lead efforts originally pushed for labor rights and helps hold businesses accountable to providing adequate pay, benefits, and working conditions to their employees. Saving Capitalism: Our current policies favor American industries such as big ag and big industry corporations (ex: Walmart) by providing them tax breaks and bailouts, while our skilled labors and individual workers are left with little support. This has lead to income and power becoming concentrated at the top. Instead, the middle class should put pressure on policymakers to support policies that provide free market support to the many, not just the few at the top. Who’s Buying the American Democracy: Discussion about the 158 families that have contributed half of the campaign funds to the Republican and Democratic races. Our democracy needs big money out of it, more transparency, and the reversal of Citizens United.