BFI has compiled a list of resources surrounding food-related research and efforts.

Food and Agriculture-Related Research and Programs at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley offers a wide array of programs and initiatives related to food and agriculture systems, encompassing many disciplines, departments, academic program areas, institutes, centers, student initiatives, and services spanning the campus and the community. More information here.

Food Waste Resources

This page is a compilation of resources listing current efforts taking place to address the issue of food waste and providing information on how individuals can reduce food waste in their own lives. More information here.

Mark Bittman: California Matters

What happens when a renowned New York food writer comes to California to soak in the Golden State’s agricultural and food scene? Find out in “Mark Bittman: California Matters,” a new 10-part series produced by the University of California and the Berkeley Food Institute. More information here.

Pollinator Resources

This page provides a list of reports, infographics, videos, and other resources regarding pollinators and their significance in our food system. More information here.

Soil Health Resources

This page is a collection of different publications and other resources on soil health and soil carbon sequestration. More information here.

UC Berkeley Farms and Gardens

A variety of gardens exist at UC Berkeley that allow students, staff, faculty, and community members to engage in hands-on educational opportunities in botany, garden management, garden design, and sustainable agriculture. To learn more about the breadth of gardens at UC Berkeley and ways you can get involved, find more information here.