Basic Needs Security

All members of the UC Berkeley community in need of support maintaining safe and stable access to food and other resources during COVID-19 can refer to the UC Berkeley Basic Needs Center Guide to COVID-19.

Staff Basic Needs Working Group

  • Chair: Rosalie Zdzienicka Fanshel, Program Manager, Berkeley Food Institute
  • Vice Chair: Nicole Evans McIntyre, Associate Director of Education, Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E³S)
  • Elliott DiTusa, Employee Assistance Counselor, University Health Services
  • Jennifer Garcia, Staffing and Training Coordinator, Cal Dining
  • Cecilia Mafnas, Manager, Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program
  • Yvette Lane-Newton Director, Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs
  • Brian Light, Chief Operations Manager, Social Sciences Division Libraries
  • Harris M. Mojadedi, Student Fee Analyst, Division of Student Affairs
  • Izzy Parnell-Wolfe, Campus Operations
  • Karen Patchell, Be Well at Work Program Manager, University Health Services
  • Sydney Saubestre, Research Coordinator, Human Rights Center 
  • Natalia Semeraro, Food and Outreach Coordinator, Basic Needs Center
  • Eddie Simmons, Custodial Supervisor, Foothill
  • Lindy West, Worksite Wellness Specialist Service Employees, University Health Services

Founded in fall 2018, the Staff Basic Needs Working Group provides food, housing, and economic resources for UC Berkeley’s staff, postdocs, and visiting researchers. We work to make the Basic Needs Center programming accessible to all employees, and provide targeted outreach and services for Berkeley’s most vulnerable staff populations. We also research, innovate, advocate, and engage in coalition building to lead systemic changes to improve the basic needs security of the University’s employees.

To get involved, contact Rosalie Z. Fanshel, Program Manager, Berkeley Food Institute, at

Emergency Food Resource for Staff during COVID-19

The Basic Needs Center and Staff Basic Needs Working Group have received additional funding to support staff in this difficult time. We are able to provide a limited number of $75 Safeway grocery cards to UC Berkeley staff members who are unable to afford groceries. 

These funds are intended to serve staff who need additional food assistance to meet their needs right now. If you fit this criteria, we encourage you to complete this quick online grocery card form. Due to limited funding, requests will be accommodated on a first-come first-served basis. Gift cards will be available via email or for pick up on campus. Please note that emailed electronic gift cards unfortunately must be printed for use. If you have already received a physical grocery card from the university during the campus closure via your manager, you are ineligible for this additional award. 

Basic Needs Security at UC Berkeley

Basic Needs Security (BNS) refers to the food, housing, and financial security of our community. We understand that basic needs have a direct impact on the mental-emotional-physical health, wellness, academic performance, professional development, and holistic success of our students, as well as on the mental-emotional-physical health and wellness of our staff and faculty. Within the food security sphere of BNS, UC Berkeley offers the following resources to students and members of the campus community:

  • CalFresh Clinics
  • Food Assistance Program
  • UC Berkeley Food Pantry
  • Gardening and Farming Skills
  • Nutritional Science and Toxicology Food Security Courses
  • University Health Services
  • USDA Eat Fresh

For more information on these resources, visit the UC Berkeley Basic Needs Center.

Learn more about Basic Needs Security at the University of California: