The Student Organic Garden in Berkeley. Photo by Tess Hanson.

Campus Gardens Toolkits

Students working at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm.
Students working at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm. Photo by Mollyvan Lamouth.

Over the course of the last year, the Berkeley Food Institute collaborated with partners at UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz to expand opportunities for experiential learning in campus farms and gardens. Funded through the UC Global Food Initiative, the three campuses increased programming, improved coordination between garden spaces, and initiated off-campus garden internship programs in local public schools. With representation from UC Davis’ Student Farm, UC Santa Cruz’ Farm and Garden, and UC Berkeley’s network of several urban farms and gardens, each partner contributed unique and valuable knowledge. In order to share these learnings more broadly, the team created three toolkits, intended as practical guides for campuses interested in starting and/or expanding similar programs. These include:

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