Patrons enjoying what some call 'the best food on the planet', macaroni and cheese, at Homeroom Mac and Cheese in Oakland, California. Homeroom creates many unique twists on mac and cheese. Photo Credit: Edmond Allmond

For Those Who Serve: The Restaurant Professionals

Just Food: Episode 1, Season 2

Release Date: April 19, 2018

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We learn that 90% of restaurant workers report experiencing sexual behavior that is scary or unwanted. We find that the system that allows this behavior to fester is rooted in concepts from feudal Europe and slavery.  We then learn about solutions, personified in the subjects of our interview.

This episode features:

  • Erin Wade, Owner and Co-founder, Homeroom Mac and Cheese
  • Jenna Watanabe, restaurant professional, member, Restaurant Opportunities Center United, activist
  • Saru Jayaraman, Director, Food and Labor Research Center, UC Berkeley, and Co-Founder, Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC United)

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This podcast was produced by the Berkeley Food Institute in partnership with the UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute at the Graduate School of Journalism. Producer is Graelyn Brashear. Program developed by Edmond M. Allmond. Field reporter is Coby McDonald. Theme music by Blue Dot Sessions. Photos below by Edmond M. Allmond, BFI.