Rethinking School Lunch: Health Equity

Just Food: Episode 3, Season 2

Release Date: May 17, 2018

Please see here for a written transcription of the story.

More than 900 million meals are served to children in California schools each year. Children consume as much as two-thirds of their calories at school. But school meal programs have suffered over the last 10 years from major budget cutbacks, declining quality of food, and disconnection from community food needs.

Within Oakland Unified School District, innovative efforts are changing how children are nourished. Now other districts are looking toward Oakland’s example.

This episode features:

  • Moira O’Neill, JD, Associate Research Scientist of Law and Planning, Institute of Urban and Regional Development,UC Berkeley
  • Jennifer LeBarre, Director, Nutrition Services, Oakland Unified School District
  • Donnie Barclift, Field Supervisor, Nutrition Services, Oakland Unified School District
  • The ‘Top Chefs’ of Oakland Unified
  • Students of Oakland Unified School District

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This podcast was produced by the Berkeley Food Institute in partnership with the UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute at the Graduate School of Journalism. Producer is Graelyn Brashear. Program developed by Edmond M. Allmond. Field reporter is Francesca Fenzi. Theme music by Blue Dot Sessions.