Treasure trove of wasted food.

Food Waste Resources

BFI has compiled information on these Berkeley efforts to reduce food waste.

Food Waste Efforts on Campus

According to the Office of Energy and Sustainability, the University is committed to reaching zero waste by 2020. Below are some of the food waste efforts on campus contributing to UC Berkeley’s diversion goals. More here.

Cal Dining

Cal Dining is committed to actively engaging in practices that reduce both solid waste and food waste in its operations. It is dedicated to providing an environmentally responsible dining program, supporting the UC Berkeley community and educating students on their role in minimizing food waste.

Cal Dining has a core team of students who work on hosting events that aim to reduce food waste. Weigh-Your-Waste is a bi-semesterly event where the team sets up stations to weigh and record all edible and inedible food waste in all four dining halls during one meal service, as well as set up a survey to gain information about why students are wasting food. This powerful visual imagery is used as a means to raise awareness and help students recognize their contribution to food waste. In addition to Weigh-Your-Waste, batch cooking and careful forecasting allows the staff to reduce overproduction in the back kitchens.

Cal Dining is proud to partner with Copia to recover overproduced food daily in each of the 4 dining halls. In addition, overproduced food from the campus restaurants is donated to the Student Parent Association of Recruitment and Retention (SPARR)’s food bank in Albany Village.

Find out more about how employees are trained on sustainability and food waste in this slideshow.

Cal Dining also received a “Waste Reduction Excellence in Institutional Food Service” award from StopWaste. Some of Cal Dining’s other efforts to minimize waste include: bulk bins for snacks, donations of excess food, reusable to-go containers, and biofuels made from used cooking oil.

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Cal Zero Waste

Cal Zero Waste is a campus department housed under Facilities Services. Cal Zero Waste is responsible for managing the UC Berkeley goal of being “Zero Waste by 2020.”

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Campus Recycling and Refuse Services

At Campus Recycling and Refuse Services (CRRS) we coordinate the recycling efforts for mixed paper, beverage containers, greenwaste, wood, plastic film, inkjet/ toner cartridges, and mixed metal. We can also provide general information on waste prevention, reuse of materials, purchasing recycled-content products, and recycling other materials that we do not coordinate. CRRS also handles refuse services including garbage collection, debris box ordering, and portable toilets ordering. CRRS works with many other entities on campus to operate these programs, such as Custodial Services in the indoor collection of paper recycling bins, and Ground Services to collect greenwaste and plant debris.

CRRS also provides information on campus waste bins and hosting Zero Waste events.

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Compost Alliance

Compost Alliance is a student founded and run group on campus that designs and implements campus building compost systems in collaboration with Physical Plant-Campus Services at UC Berkeley. We work closely with Campus Recycling and Reuse Services (CRRS) to help the university reach its Zero Waste by 2020 goal. Our mission is to make composting a commonplace waste stream on campus and to help educate students and staff on effective waste stream behaviors. Compost Alliance is funded by UC Berkeley’s The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) grant.

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Additional Food Waste Resources

Compost Basics from Berkeley Public Works

The Berkeley Department of Public Works provides residents with information on composting and waste disposal.

Accepted plant materials include: grass clippings, leaves, pruning, brush, garden trimmings, vegetables and fruit, palm fronds, unpainted/untreated wood.

Accepted kitchen scraps include: all food scraps (including fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, and cheese), food soiled paper (including paper towels, napkins, pizza boxes, milk cartons with any plastic parts removed, wax paper, and waxed cardboard), paper bags, and BPI Certified compostable plastic bags.

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Free Compost for Berkeley Residents

The City of Berkeley provides free compost for Berkeley Residents (with photo ID) the last Saturday of each month March through October (except for July, which will take place the third Saturday).

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