Artwork by Annie Lu

The Potluck

The Potluck is a project that aims to share intimate aspects of how people interact with their food through ethnographic interviews with students, staff, faculty, and community members on the UC Berkeley campus.  The quotes taken from these interviews provide a glimpse into each individual’s perspective, and brought together, highlight the diversity and interconnectedness of our food experiences.

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Portrait of Maya sitting in front of College of Natural Resources.

“It’s interesting coming from a farming family, because we want our food to be sold on a larger scale. Being in a city, I want people to be buying all of this organic produce. But in a city, it’s a lot more confusing. It’s not so straightforward. I used to think Whole Foods was a really great place because at the two towns on either side of our farm, Whole Foods bought my dad’s produce and they sold it, and we would shop there all the time. Now, here at Berkeley, I hear a lot of different things about Whole Foods and I’m learning about their corporate structure and I maybe don’t feel comfortable with it anymore, so being in the city is definitely confusing because there are a lot more options and it’s a lot more political. So I guess my relationship with food has blurred a little. And I really don’t know whats right anymore in terms of organic, GMO—like which store is better—so I grow food at my house and I eat that, and I have a local CSA box, and I try to buy organic or local if it says that on the label.”

Maya (undergraduate student)