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Students in a lesson in the Student Organic Garden

Student Groups

There are many student-led groups on campus working on food issues—from food security to food innovation, growing your own food to reducing waste of food. Scroll down for a list of student groups across campus, and find the one that’s right for you!

Seeking Funding:

BFI has limited funds to support student-run events. If you are interested in obtaining financial support from BFI, please fill out the simple application form here.

Submitting a Calendar Request:

If you would like to get your group’s event on the campus calendar, please complete this form.

Bear Pantry at Berkeley

The Bear Pantry serves low-income UC Berkeley students with dependent children.  These families live in family housing in the UC Village, at Smythe-Fernwall and off campus.  These families may be headed by a single parent, a couple, by undergraduates or graduate students.  The only requirements for access to the resources of the Bear Pantry are that they have minor children living in their home and that they be receiving tuition assistance through the Financial Aid Office at UC Berkeley.

Students with children are particularly vulnerable to interruptions or delays in funding, and temporary shortages of food in the home, which might be manageable if difficult for an independent student, can be an emergency for students with children to be fed.  Situations such as this can force a student parent, after overcoming the challenges of being admitted to UC Berkeley, to consider abandoning their educational goals for the security of their children.  The Bear Pantry was founded on the belief that this is a choice no parent should have to make.

For more information, see the Bear Pantry website.

Email: thebearpantry@berkeley.edu

Berkeley Student Food Collective

The Berkeley Student Food Collective (BSFC) is dedicated to providing fresh, local, healthy, environmentally sustainable and ethically produced food at affordable prices to the Berkeley campus and greater community. We seek to educate students about nutrition and food systems, empower new leaders, and train youth to work in and manage a sustainable business. Through inclusive, democratic decision-making, we operate a cooperative grocery market that promotes community-building and environmental stewardship. Become a member-owner and get 10% off all purchases.

For more information, see the BSFC website.

Email: operations@foodcollective.org

Operations Manager: Jeff Noven

Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy

Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy (BOAA) is an animal rights student group that seeks to challenge species chauvinism and reduce the suffering and oppression of non-human animals.

For more information, see the BOAA website and Facebook page.

Email: boaarocks@gmail.com

Cal Dining Sustainability Team

The sustainability team manages efforts around waste reduction and recycling, campus gardens, sustainability education, and sustainability marketing.

Learn more about the current team and Cal Dining’s sustainability efforts.

Cellular Agriculture Academic Society

Cellular Agriculture Academic Society (CAAS) focuses on the emerging technology of cellular agriculture, which involves creating materials from cell cultures. Our main focus is on creating animal products (meat, leather, silk, etc.) from cell cultures.

For more information, see the CAAS website.

Student Leaders: Saam Shahrokhi


CityFood is a working group based in the Department of City and Regional Planning that brings together UC-Berkeley students, faculty and staff from across disciplines who are commonly interested in urban food systems. CityFood provides a collaborative forum to: 1) share ideas, experiences, and opportunities; 2) workshop research; and 3) convene guest speakers from community organizations, non-profits, and public agencies to discuss food system revitalization in the Bay Area, nationally, and overseas.

For more information, see the CityFood website and join the listserve.

Student Leaders: Paige Roosa and Sara Draper-Zivetz

Compost Alliance

Compost Alliance is a student founded and run group on campus that designs and implements campus building compost systems in collaboration with Physical Plant-Campus Services at UC Berkeley. We work closely with Campus Recycling and Reuse Services (CRRS) to help the university reach its Zero Waste by 2020 goal. Our mission is to make composting a commonplace waste stream on campus and to help educate students and staff on effective waste stream behaviors. Compost Alliance is funded by UC Berkeley’s The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) grant.

For more information, see the Compost Alliance Facebook page and this short film about the student group.


FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship & Development) is a club that consults for local startups that share our vision of a socially responsible food system. We envision a world where food is not wasted; where what we grow and eat comes from equitably treated workers; where agricultural practices regenerate the land; and most importantly, where everyone has equal access to fresh, whole, nutritious foods. Our mission is to turn this vision into reality with business, because it has the power to enact real social change. We plan to accomplish our mission by consulting for local start-ups that share our vision, and in doing so, improve their business.

For more information, see the FEED website and Facebook page.

Email: feedberkeley@gmail.com

Student leadership team here.


Food@Haas is the hub for Haas MBA students and partners interested in food. We bring the Haas community closer together through food-related programming, and we provide resources for people with a professional interest in food.

For more information, see the Food@Haas website.

Student Leaders:

Adrian Rodrigues: adrian_rodrigues@mba.berkeley.edu

Amanda Parker: amanda_parker@mba.berkeley.edu


Our mission at FoodInno is to build a collaborative environment of food innovators from all walks of life. We provide the opportunity for students to work alongside food companies to solve their challenges by tapping into the minds of young millennials. Our club has two branches: food innovation hackathons and student-led classes. Through food hackathons, FoodInno provides UC Berkeley students with the opportunity to closely work with local food companies, co-ops, and organizations. These events bring young millennials and innovative food businesses together to creatively solve company challenges, such as optimizing healthy consumer-packaged snack products, increasing health marketing campaigns, or innovating new product designs. In addition, our club provides students with food-related education opportunities, through our UC Berkeley classes. These courses provide a platform for our club members to explore and teach topics that interest them, bring in local entrepreneurs, food system innovators, and experts to talk about their passions, and expand the knowledge of Berkeley students on the wonderful world of food. In the past we’ve taught classes on the environmental, nutritional, and social aspects of our food system and coffee & wine. Currently, we are teaching a class on fermentation and its nutritional benefits & cultural impact.

For more information, see the FoodInno website.

Student Leaders: Cindy Ma, Vicky Jing, Agnes Zhu, and Hailey Zhou

Food and Agriculture Policy Group

The Food & Agriculture Policy Group is a student group founded at the Goldman School of Public Policy and open to students from across the Berkeley campus. The group seeks to explore how policy can achieve equity, justice, and economic and environmental sustainability within food and agriculture systems. By providing resources, convening conversations, and facilitating collaboration within the UC Berkeley community and beyond, the Food & Agriculture Policy Group examines the intersections of issues such as food justice and equity, the environmental impacts of food systems, the role of food and agriculture subsidies, access to and affordability of nutritious food, and the impact of climate change on food systems.

Contact: Beth Spitler, beth.spitler@berkeley.edu

Food Science and Tech at Cal

Food Science and Tech at Cal aims to bring together students at UC Berkeley who share a passion for food science and related technologies. We are the first and only food science organization on campus, and work closely with the College of Chemistry and Department of Nutritional Sciences to educate about food related issues. During the year we bring in guest speakers and go on factory tours to provide a real-world look into the food industry, conduct student-led research through the College of Chemistry, hold educational workshops to teach about food science concepts, and work together to develop innovative food ideas for competition. The club is open to all UC Berkeley students of any major.

For more information, see the FST at Cal Facebook page.

Email fstatcal@gmail.com or just drop by any meetings.

Student Leaders: Rochelle Lai and Nathan Jin

Gill Tract Farm Students Coalition

The Gill Tract Farm Students Coalition is a student group that formed in spring 2017 to build strength and connection between the UC Gill Tract Community Farm in Albany and the UC Berkeley student community. Within the student group, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved including project-based work, engagement in Working Groups, and leadership growth.

Meetings are Wednesdays at 5:00 PM. Please email sophieloeb@berkeley.edu for additional information including room location.

For more information, see the UC Gill Tract Community Farm Facebook page.



GradFood (formerly SNAPP) is an interdisciplinary association of graduate students working across sectors to share their work and ideas regarding all things food and agriculture. GradFood brings UC Berkeley graduate students from diverse disciplines together to learn and teach about something that affects everyone: FOOD! Food is more than meets the eye, and we delve into issues that make food both an intellectually stimulating field and central to our daily lives. Our monthly dinners are a forum to discuss food and agriculture issues from a variety of perspectives, and topics include everything from health to agroecology to economic development (and beyond!). The group provides opportunities to meet students from other departments, collaborate on and present research, and network with the sustainable food systems community and the new Berkeley Food Institute. We emphasize education that can inform both public policy and grassroots food systems change. Join us at the table!

For more information, see the GradFood Facebook page.

Email: gradfooducb@gmail.com. Join the list serve: gradfood@googlegroups.com.

Student Leaders: Olga Ballard, Mikaela Burns, Maria Vanegas, Peiley Lau, Chrissy Badaracco, Marisa Westbrook, Maggie Rasnake, and Kate Hagen

Spoon University at Berkeley

Spoon University is a resource created for students, by students that focuses on simple recipes, restaurant reviews, food news and kitchen tips. Our goal is to help college students eat intelligently and engage them in all things related to food.  Spoon University is a national publication headquartered in NYC with chapters at 45 campuses across the U.S. Spoon University at Berkeley was launched in Spring 2014. You can be a part of Spoon as a writer, editor, photographer, or marketing team member. In addition to putting together creative articles and hosting food-related events, we encourage collaborative food adventures with your fellow Spoonies!

For more information, see the Spoon University website and Facebook page.

Email: calspoonuniversity@gmail.com

Student Leader: Jocelyn Hsu

Student Nutrition Advocacy Club (SNAC)

We are a student organization that spreads nutrition awareness throughout the campus and community, as well as serving as a resource for members to learn more about nutrition and the field of dietetics.

For more information, see the SNAC website.

Email: ucbsnac@gmail.com

Student Leaders: Sophia Wang

Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA)

The Student Organic Garden, UC Berkeley’s student farm, was created by students in 1971. In 1999 the Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA) was formed to establish continuity of maintenance and support for the Student Organic Garden year round in order to provide a creative space for experiential agricultural education for the UC Berkeley student community and greater surrounding community. The garden is used by the ESPM department to teach Urban Agriculture and Food Justice class during fall and then transitions to a DeCal;Introduction to Organic Gardening class hosted by SOGA in the spring.

For more information, see the SOGA website and Facebook page, or watch this short film about SOGA.

Email: studentorganicgarden@gmail.com. Join the listserve: studentorganicgarden@lists.berkeley.edu.

Swipe Out Hunger

Swipe Out Hunger at UC Berkeley was founded Fall of 2016 with the mission to use our leftover meal points for good. The group aims to grow its presence on campus to encourage students to donate their meal points and engage with our local food insecure community. This program is in strong partnership with Cal Dining, the UC Berkeley Food Pantry, and ASUC.

For more information, see the Swipe Out Hunger website and CalLink page.

Email: info@swipehunger.org 

Student Leaders: Halle Redfearn, Nathan Sumekh, Mackenzie Monroe, and Lucinda Laurence

UC Berkeley Food Pantry

The UC Berkeley Food Pantry project is a direct response to the need among the student population for more resources to fight food insecurity—the lack of nutritious food. With rising fees, textbook costs, and living expenses, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to juggle the costs of living with the costs of obtaining a university degree, and thus many students are finding themselves choosing between essentials such as food and basic toiletries and the costs of college. It is for this reason that The Food Pantry has been established—to provide emergency relief to help students continue on to successfully complete and obtain their degrees from the University of California. The Food Pantry is part of the campuswide food security program.

Mission Statement: The Food Pantry provides emergency nonperishable food to UC Berkeley students while they explore campus food security resources.

For more information, see the Food Pantry website.

Email: foodpantry@berkeley.edu