The Right to Food: Reshaping Policies for Development & Public Health

The Right to Food: Reshaping Policies for Development & Public Health

Monday, October 28, 2013, 3-5pm, North Gate Hall Library

This event will engage leading experts and a diverse UC Berkeley audience in a unique conversation about the right to food agenda and how it intersects with international public health and development goals, especially in developing countries. How can a right-to-food approach inform and support broad public policy agendas on development and public health? How might policy interventions change if we frame the discourse around food, poverty, health, and development from this perspective? And how might the actions and responsibilities of various institutions (NGOs, the private sector, and international governmental institutions) change as a result?

A forum moderated by Edward Wasserman, Dean of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and an authority on the ethics, evolutions and ownership of the news media.

The panel will feature:

 Lia Fernald, Professor, Community Health & Human Development, SPH, UC Berkeley

Fernald is an expert on childhood nutrition in developing countries, focusing on community based nutrition interventions and their effects on child development.

 Alain de Janvry, Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics, CNR, UC Berkeley

De Janvry is a globally renowned expert on rural development and development policy analysis. He has served on expert committees on food security, and co-directed of the World Bank’s World Development Report on Agriculture.

 Olivier De Schutter, Professor, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium; United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food; Visiting Professor, Berkeley Food Institute

De Schutter specializes in the economic and social rights in the context of economic globalization, and in theories of governance.

Please join us for a reception following the forum at 4pm