Policy Brief

Urban Agroecology: An Essential Resource for Times of Crisis and Beyond

Urban farms merit status as protected and planned spaces in the 21st-century city.

April 29, 2021

By Alana Siegner, PhD, Charisma Acey, PhD, MPP, and Jennifer Sowerwine, PhD

This policy brief is based on research completed by an interdisciplinary team of faculty, graduate students, Cooperative Extension advisors, and community stakeholders between 2018-2020 (including Charisma Acey, Joshua Arnold, Leah Atwood, Rob Bennaton, Timothy Bowles, Sarick Matzen, Coleman Rainey, Paul Rogé, Alana Siegner, and Jennifer Sowerwine). The research was funded by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and the Berkeley Food Institute. The research team completed 35 surveys of urban farmers and five in-depth interviews.