Executive Committee

The BFI Executive Committee provides oversight, advice, guidance, and support to the BFI staff/leaders about the general direction, strategies, and programs of the Institute.

Executive Committee Members

Chair: Henry Brady: Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy; Class of 1941 Monroe Deutsch Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Sarah Bell: Program Manager, 11th Hour Project, Schmidt Family Foundation

Stefano Bertozzi: Dean, School of Public Health; Professor, Health Policy and Management

Andres Cediel: Professor, Visual Journalism, Graduate School of Journalism

Jason Coburn: Professor, City and Regional Planning

Annette Doornbos: Assistant Dean for External Relations and Development, Goldman School of Public Policy

Maria Echaveste: Lecturer, Berkeley Law; Visiting Fellow, Berkeley Food Institute

Elasdig Elsheikh: Director, Global Justice Program, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Bob Epstein: Co-founder, E2; Co-founder and Former EVP, Sybase; Chairman, NRDC Action Fund; Advisory Board, Goldman School of Public Policy

Lia Fernald: Professor, Community Health Sciences; Director, Public Health Nutrition

Christy Getz: Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

J. Keith Gilless: Dean, College of Natural Resources; Professor, Forest Economics

Lucinda Laurence: Undergraduate Student Representative, Architecture

Richard Lyons: Bank of America Dean, Haas School of Business; Professor, Business; Kruttschnitt Family Chair in Financial Institutions

Kristine Madsen: Associate Professor, Joint Medical Program and Public Health Nutrition; Faculty Director, Berkeley Food Institute

Priya Mehta: Assistant Dean, Strategic Planning and Development, School of Public Health

Kathryn Moriarty Baldwin: Assistant Dean, Development and Public Information, College of Natural Resources

Margiana Petersen-Rockney: Graduate Student Representative, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Will Rosenzweig: Social Impact Fellow and Lecturer, Business

Stephen Sugarman: Roger J. Traynor Professor of Law

L. Ann Thrupp: Executive Director, Berkeley Food Institute

Edward Wasserman: Dean, Graduate School of Journalism; Professor of Journalism

Jennifer Wolch: William W. Wurster Dean, College of Environmental Design; Professor, City and Regional Planning

* All Executive Committee members are at UC Berkeley except Sarah Bell and Bob Epstein

Emeritus/Ex-officio Members:

Alastair Iles: Associate Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Faculty Co-director, Berkeley Food Institute

Claire Kremen: Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Faculty Co-director, Berkeley Food Institute

Michael Pollan: John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Journalism, Graduate School of Journalism; Director, Knight Program in Science and Environmental Journalism