Executive Committee

The BFI Executive Committee provides oversight, advice, guidance, and support to the BFI staff/leaders about the general direction, strategies, and programs of the Institute.

Executive Committee Members

Chair: David Ackerly

Dean, Rausser College of Natural Resources; Professor, Integrative Biology

Charisma Acey

Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning

Timothy Bowles

Co-Associate Faculty Director, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Henry Brady

Class of 1941 Monroe Deutsch Professor, Political Science and Public Policy

Andrés Cediel

Professor, Visual Journalism, Graduate School of Journalism

Erwin Chemerinsky

Dean, Berkeley School of Law, Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law

Renee Chow

William W. Wurster Dean , Professor of Architecture and Urban Design

Sharon Daraphonhdeth

Director, Student Environmental Resource Center

Elsadig Elsheikh

Director, Global Justice Program, Othering & Belonging Institute

Bob Epstein

Co-founder, E2; Co-founder and Former EVP, Sybase; Chairman, NRDC Action Fund; Advisory Board, Goldman School of Public Policy

Michael Lu

Dean, School of Public Health

Isabel Madzorera

Assistant Professor, Public Health Nutrition

Isabel Martin

Undergraduate Student Representative, UC Global Food Initiative Fellow

Susana Matias

Co-Associate Faculty Director, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

Kathryn Moriarty Baldwin

Assistant Dean, Development and Public Information, Rausser College of Natural Resources

Jesús Nazario

Graduate Student Representative, Ethnic Studies

Will Rosenzweig

Social Impact Fellow and Lecturer, Business

Maura Smith

Assistant Dean for External Relations and Development, Goldman School of Public Policy

Jennifer Sowerwine

Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

David C. Wilson

Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy and a Professor of Public Policy

All Executive Committee members are at UC Berkeley except Bob Epstein.