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BFI Co-Associate Faculty Director Named Faculty Mentor Awardee

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Biomigrations: Food Sovereignty, Security, and Justice in the Americas

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Allowing recipients to choose their own food from high-quality, fresh organic sources can promote better health and greater community value.

2021 BFI Food Justice Writing Contest


Narrow and Brittle or Broad and Nimble? Comparing Adaptive Capacity in Simplifying and Diversifying Farming Systems

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BFI Affiliated Faculty Neil Tsutsui Talks Insect Colonies Surviving Disease

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Cultivating Diversity, Justice, Resilience & Health

SELF Magazine: 8 Ways We Can Actually Increase Food Access Nationwide

NBC Bay Area: How Rooftop Gardens Are Feeding Families and Helping the Planet

Reflecting Back and Moving Forward

New York Times: How High-End Restaurants Have Failed Black Female Chefs

2021 Food Justice Writing Contest

The Berkeley Food Institute is hosting a writing contest to amplify student voices. Submissions due March 31st.

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The Berkeley Food Institute strives to transform food systems to expand access to healthy, affordable food and promote sustainable and equitable food production. We empower new leaders with the capacity to cultivate diverse, just, resilient, and healthy food systems.