Illustration by Shalandy Zhang, Dani Solis, and Emily Yan.

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Composting facility. Photo by Janaki Jagannath.

Restoring Democracy: The Battle against Big Soda

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UC Berkeley student Andrea Ponce surveys Berkeley residents on sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. Photo by Kristine Madsen Research Group.

BFI Policy Briefs on the 2018 Farm Bill

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Athena Roesler presenting her research. Photo by Edmond Allmond.

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Legume Research Student Assistant

Summer 2019 Soda Tax Impact Briefings Graduate Student Researcher

The Daily Californian: ‘It feels like justice and love’: UC Berkeley opens Basic Needs Center in student union

Restoring Democracy: The Battle against Big Soda

Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages

We bring more stakeholders into campus decision-making on food and beverage choices, uplift Berkeley values through procurement practices, and raise awareness of human and planetary health in the process.

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The Berkeley Food Institute strives to transform food systems to expand access to healthy, affordable food and promote sustainable and equitable food production. We empower new leaders with the capacity to cultivate diverse, just, resilient, and healthy food systems.