Advisory Council

The BFI Advisory Council is comprised of individuals external to the University who serve to advance BFI’s mission and programs primarily through fundraising support, along with strategic advising.

Advisory Council Members

Bruce Aidells

Founder, Aidells Sausage Company; cookbook author

Clayton Chan

Chief operating officer, San Francisco Soup Company

Bob Epstein

Co-founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs; founding funder and current Executive Committee member

Hal Hinkle

Senior manager and chief executive officer, BamCore, Sei Querce Vineyards, and Shepherd’s Oak Estate Winery

Doug Lipton

Co-founder/owner, Healdsburg Shed, and Principal, Lipton Environmental Group

Erik Oberholtzer

Co-founder and chief executive officer, Tender Greens

Steve Silberstein

Trustee, UC Berkeley Foundation; founding funder, Berkeley Food Institute; retired co-founder, Innovative Interfaces Inc.

Dana Slatkin

Proprietor, Beverly Hills Farmgirl; chef, cookbook author, and food blogger; founding funder, Berkeley Food Institute

Marion Standish

Vice president, Enterprise Programs, California Endowment

L. Ann Thrupp

Former Executive Director, Berkeley Food Institute