2024-2025 Student Research Grant Program

The Berkeley Food Institute is launching the 2024-2025 academic year Student Research Grant Program! This summer, we will open applications for undergraduate and graduate students to financially support their farm and food systems research.

Our Big Give goal of $10,000 will enable us to offer research grants of up to $1,000 for individual student researchers. There is limited funding for student-led research on UC Berkeley campus. Many existing grant pools place constrictive expectations on students or require year-long cohort commitments. By offering more flexible and self-guided research funding, BFI wants to make research more accessible and achievable to food system scholars representing a variety of disciplines and departments across campus. 

This grant program is intended to fund student research that falls within one or more of our four focus areas: urban and rural agroecology, fair and healthy jobs, good food access, and racial equity in the food system.

UC Berkeley students often come to BFI and ask how to get involved or how we can support them in their academic endeavors. With the 2024-2025 Student Research Grant Program, we can sponsor student research and continue to foster a strong food systems research community at UC Berkeley. 

When you give to BFI, you invest in our efforts in supporting interdisciplinary student research that generates knowledge and informs how we understand and shape food systems.