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Introducing BFI’s Next Executive Director

The Berkeley Food Institute proudly announces the appointment of Jeanne Merrill, leader in food systems advocacy and policy, as its next Executive Director.

December 19, 2023

We Appreciate Your Support!

As BFI embarks on the next chapter under new leadership, we appreciate the generous help of our new and ongoing financial supporters. We want to send a special thank you to the Hellman Foundation, Stupski Foundation, the 11th Hour Project, CS Fund, the Epstein/Roth Foundation, and all of our individual donors for investing in BFI’s mission and programs. We also want to thank the USDA Transition to Organic Partnership Program, Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative, and the CDFA Farm to School Initiative for supporting our research and student programs. Finally, a special thank you goes to the organizations within the UC system who support our staff: the Wellness Fund, the UC Global Food Initiative, UC Alianza MX, and many others. We appreciate your support of our work!

As part of your year-end giving, please consider supporting our efforts in research, policy, education, and community engagement to shape a just farm and food system.