Foodscape Map: Academic Units

This section of the Foodscape Map analyzes the past and present of agriculture coursework and research at UC Berkeley and how diversity, equity, and inclusion have factored into UC Berkeley’s pedagogical approach to food and agriculture studies. Included below are a timeline of food and agriculture coursework at UC Berkeley and an infographic and thesis on addressing inaccessibility of research spaces on campus. Click on each map below to learn more.

Food and Agriculture Courses

We analyzed data on UC Berkeley courses from 1900-2009 by entering 150 food and agriculture-related keywords into the University of California ClioMetric History Project (UCCHP) Historical Course Database. The resulting graphics give an overview on how UC Berkeley’s food and agriculture coursework has changed over time.

Addressing Inaccessibility in Research Spaces

This infographic based on a thesis by student Jenna Shelton highlights the problem of inaccessibility of agricultural research spaces at UC Berkeley. Evidence was collected from site surveys, analysis of state and federal law regarding discrimination and disability, and interviews with UC Berkeley students and staff.

Hot Spot: Oxford Tract

In January 2017, the UC Berkeley Housing Master Plan Task Force identified the Oxford Tract Research Facility as a site of high priority for development of new student housing. This report from student Allegra Saggese asks the question: Must new student housing necessarily displace or weaken UC Berkeley’s food and agriculture research and educational facilities?