Foodscape Map: Campus Facilities

UC Berkeley contains more than ten campus gardens where students and staff are growing food and curating experiential learning opportunities. Campus also houses areas where students can access clean water and a safe place to reheat food. This section of the Foodscape Map explores these campus avenues for equitable food production and consumption. Click the maps below to learn more.

Gardens on Campus

To build this interactive map, our team collated pre-existing data tracked by each garden, conducted space observations, and held interviews with garden members to gain better insight into student and staff perspectives on the condition, activity, and maintenance of their gardens.

Hot Spot: Oxford Tract

In January 2017, the UC Berkeley Housing Master Plan Task Force identified the Oxford Tract Research Facility as a site of high priority for development of new student housing. This report from student Allegra Saggese asks the question: Must new student housing necessarily displace or weaken UC Berkeley’s food and agriculture research and educational facilities?

Microwaves and Water Refill Stations

Home-cooked meals and tap water can be the most affordable, healthful, and environmentally-friendly options for eating while on campus. Accessible microwaves and refill stations (fountains that dispense filtered water) can therefore increase campus food equity. This infographic examines the distribution of these publicly available microwaves and refill stations on campus.

Sustainable and Just Catering

As UC Berkeley provides refreshments for hundreds of meeting and events weekly, catering plays a significant role in the UC Berkeley food procurement landscape. Our campus has an opportunity to provide “sustainable and just” catering by working with vendors who meet a matrix of values. we created a guide for this process.