Diasporic Foods: An exploration of ongoing food relationships and connections

April 5-6, 2024
Hybrid Conference: Zoom (Friday, April 5) and in-person at UC Berkeley (Saturday, April 6)

The Food Institute Graduate Council (FIGC) at Berkeley is excited to invite students, scholars, community members, and artists to the fourth annual FIGC Food Systems Conference, titled “Diasporic Foods: An exploration of ongoing food relationships and connections.”

Diaspora refers to the dispersion of a group of people from their homelands. Traditional food cultivation, preparation, and consumption can be strong sources of connection and grounding to both ancestral and current lands of diasporic peoples. The migrations of ideas and practices due to diasporic events has impacted the food system across the globe.

Registration for the conference will be free to all, and will open in late January. Check back soon!

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Conference Objectives and Topics

The objective of the conference is to connect scholars, community members, educators, artists, practitioners, and policy makers through narratives and discussions of the histories, existence, impacts, and futures of diasporic events and communities through the lens of food.

Questions for discussion at the conference include but are not limited to:

  • How have historic, social, political, and economic drivers of diaspora impacted both localized and global food systems?
  • In what ways has the migration of traditional and ancestral farming practices impacted global and local agrifood systems?
  • How do diasporic communities conceptualize food sovereignty?
  • What are methods that diasporic communities use to create and recreate cultural identities through food?
  • How have/how can diasporic food cultures be resilient to erasure and colonization?
  • What is the role of food in producing collective diasporic identities?
  • How has diasporic events impacted intimate practices around food?
  • What are the histories of foods and practices impacted by or related to diaspora?

Call for Proposals

We invite abstracts of in-progress or completed scholarly papers, research projects, speeches, presentations, ideas, or film/mixed media works. This conference is interdisciplinary and transnational, and we encourage submissions from all fields of study. To view the full Call for Proposals, please visit this link.

Graduate or undergraduate students, community members, independent scholars, policy analysts, educators, policy makers, practitioners, and artists from any institution or organization are eligible to submit applications.

If you have any questions, please email

Submissions can be made using this Google Form.
Deadline for Submissions: Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 at 11:59 Pacific Time