Berkeley Graduate Students at a BFI Farm Bill Symposium in Washington, DC, 2017.

Graduate Certificate in Food Systems

The Berkeley Food Institute is currently working on the creation of a Graduate Certificate in Food Systems. This proposed certificate responds to an escalating need to empower new leaders with the capacity to create innovative solutions to pressing food and agriculture challenges. Building on UC Berkeley’s strength as a multi-disciplinary pioneer in food systems studies, the Certificate in Food Systems will prepare Masters and Doctoral students to think critically about the multi-level, multi-system factors that affect food production, distribution, and consumption locally, nationally, and globally. This interdisciplinary program will complement students’ primary fields of study by addressing the ecological, social, health, political, policy, legal, and economic dimensions of food and agriculture and providing graduates with the necessary theoretical framework and practical skills that can be applied across diverse and emerging food-system challenges.

Stay tuned for progress updates.