Foodscape Map: Service Units

In this part of the Foodscape Map, we analyze aspects of UC Berkeley’s food and beverage service units, including the Basic Needs Security, University Health Services, and staff wellness programs. This data collection led to the creation of the Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages and the Staff Basic Needs Working Group. Click through the maps and pages below to learn more.

Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages

The Coalition for Healthy Campus Food and Beverages was formed to bring more stakeholders into campus decision-making on food and beverage choices, uplift Berkeley values through procurement practices, and raise awareness of human and planetary health in the process.

Basic Needs: Food Security

Basic Needs Security (BNS) refers to the food, housing, and financial security of our community. We understand that basic needs have a direct impact on the mental-emotional-physical health, wellness, academic performance, professional development, and holistic success of our students.This infographic provides a 2016 snapshot of some of the efforts that support food insecure students.

From Garden to Pantry

In 2017, in an effort to increase the supply of fresh produce in the pantry and link student-led agriculture efforts with Basic Needs, campus farms and gardens started delivering produce to the pantry. What has developed since is a student-led and coordinated micro food system that is driven by and for student pantry users. The illustrations below describe the process from garden to pantry.

Stories from University Health Services

As undergraduate student researchers with the Berkeley Food Institute, Nathalie Munoz and Natalia Semeraro set out to hear the voices of administrative and service staff at University Health Services (UHS). As we began to understand UHS’s array of programs and see their lasting campus impact, we came to realize that, as students, we knew very little beyond our own encounters with the Tang Center.

Be Well at Work – Wellness Program

Be Well at Work – Wellness Program (formerly known as Health*Matters Wellness Program) began delivering a customized, onsite wellness program for the RSSP Housing & Dining employees in high risk job classifications in 2007. The goals of the program have remained consistent: Supporting employees to improve their health by providing tools and resources; and creating a healthy workplace culture.