BFI Featured in Goldman School Policy Notes


Nina F. Ichikawa, BFI Policy director. Photo by: Emily Yan.

January 17, 2019

By Nina F. Ichikawa

Nina F. Ichikawa is currently the Interim Director at the Berkeley Food Institute.

The Berkeley Food Institute was honored to take part in the most recent issue of Policy Notesthe official publication of the Goldman School of Public Policy. One of our founding partner schools, Goldman (or GSPP for short) has been integral to the development of BFI’s mission, priorities, and work. GSPP Dean Henry Brady has often spoken to our affiliated faculty and students about the power of political change to any movement, including the food movement. He now serves as the chair of our Executive Committee.

Hilary Hoynes presenting on SNAP at UC Center Sacramento.
Hilary Hoynes presenting on SNAP at UC Center Sacramento.

Affiliated faculty Saru Jayaraman and Hilary Hoynes contributed articles to the issue on their respective work on restaurant wages and the long-term impacts of food stamps, or SNAP. I wrote about BFI’s policy program, and how BFI seeks to demystify food policy and support students and faculty to impact food policy. Some of those very impressive students have their own features in the issue, including Fiona McBride, Maria F. Balcazar Tellez, and the dynamic leaders of the student-led Food and Agriculture Policy Group.

In short, the issue is all about food and agriculture and we hope you will enjoy as much as did. Thank you to GSPP for featuring us and lifting up the voices of Berkeley’s scholars, activists, and paradigm-shifters in food systems.

Read the Goldman School of Public Policy issue Policy Notes: at the table here.

To learn more about BFI’s work in food policy, visit our policy page here.