Hilary Hoynes at SNAP Workshop. Photo by Jonathan Fong


The Berkeley Food Institute understands that significant policy change at local, state, national, and international levels is required to transform food systems.

The objectives of BFI’s policy program are to:

  • Facilitate communication and information exchange between UC Berkeley researchers and extension specialists, policymakers, and government agencies to address priority policy issues in food systems.
  • Ensure that valuable information and research findings from UC Berkeley are identified and effectively used policy and legislative processes, and by advocacy organizations.
  • Identify cutting-edge and future food systems policy issues that require research from policymakers, and find and engage UC Berkeley researchers in fulfilling these new research needs.
  • Promote and gain public attention regarding policy issues on food systems by holding policy workshops and public events showcasing promising policy ideas with representatives of government agencies, legislatures, and others in prominent policy positions.

These objectives will contribute to fostering policies, political-economic reforms, and/or governance processes that advance sustainability and health in food systems.

 To learn more about our policy program, please explore the links below.